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  • Single, Man seeking Woman
  • 33 years old from Joplin, MO
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  • Last Update: 9/2/2009
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My introduction

I am a Christian no drinker, non smoker of Celtic primary emerald origin looking for a partner to join and live with after premarital counseling who must be approved by mom who I can%u2019t bear to disappoint in marriage When I will take a partner in marriage for this life and the next. Who raised me poor where a generous person did something. That will allow us to live fairly close to family that we will add our families together as well as friends with all there quarks (including mental) who will be ready and welcome to stop by (without calling) during both the holidays and for no particular reason. . To prepare for this we will need a preamp mostly to keep the children together. Then we will meat each other friends that will become family like us. This will be managed by screening calls. Some of them could even be an EX and hopefully some will become friends in common. Then we will share our medical history to live a long life with no gambling, no alcohol, and no smoking. That way we can share work 75/75 and help each other take care of our health with us making our own appointments for check ups and help us deal with mental, physical health, weight, and sick family members even when we are mean. I look for a partner to work and earn her own money when there is not a child under 2 years of age who will need to be breast feed. The work times will over ride personal time with each other. I admit that my desire for a working partner was multiplied after I was fired (not called that thankfully) yet again from my then current dream job as of my then limited experience as a telemarketer for not making a sale despite always being called a workaholic since my jobs in high school. This has affected my ability to get work till I die but I have overcome these challenges to get a job at a factory making types of dough. These jobs will make our money, to buy our property, as full equally yoked partners, for our buying based on planed, discussed and written budget based on the opinion of all earnings with the amount of influence based on the amount contributed that will contain a permanent Tithe for charities that support foreigners, orphans, and widows if only in part. This will include spending time to save money and give the kids all the private education they can afford. One of the things on the budget that will be removed as quickly as possible is all loans. Especially credit cards, which should not carry a balance including our collective dept that we marry into. Because we are not to buy things we cannot afford. Yes I learned this the hard way. I plan for the biggest dept to not have is a moorage (which may need to be paid off in the highly likely event of us not being able to handle building a house.) I plan to pay off a house of my own. With a fence that will make good neighbors because there will be our side and their side and they are to stay the on there side and stay away from our property that is our God given right to have. This is the greatest material thing I hope to have in this first physical lifetime (needless to say I am set on moorage insurance.) The house is to be a place for the family and kids to come to whenever without calling any time in this life and the next. Including the elderly parents and sick parents we will be caring for and the children some or all of which will be adopted and eternally freed from the breeders who obviously have no rights. They will all eat at home as much as possible with everyone together to not waste money in restraints which are a waste of money. We will clean the house together as a family. This has gotten me called cheap and stingy. This house will not have TV%u2019s, Computers, or other sources of screen time, anywhere people sleep (learned that the hard way to) and will have spaces that are not to be and areas that are to be noisy and everyone will have at least som

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