This is like a Cinderella story


This is like a Cinderalla story! I went on (formerly Black Singles Connection) just to meet friends and have someone to talk to and perhaps a friend at the very least. Well, I was sorting through the profiles, when I came across this profile about a man liking a woman's fluffy slippers. He has no picture and I wondered who has was and was interested from the very beginning. I quickly sent him a Mingle Mail and within a few hours he responded. Well, my heart began to skip a beat. I ask him for a picture and he said sure and quickly sent me one. He said that he did not want his picture on his profile because people would not read his words and understand him. So he elected not to. When I finally got the pic, I was surprised how handsome he was. He said that he was on a diet and that he has lost a few pounds since the pic. He was the most handsome guy that I had met in a long time on any internet dating site. We talked and talked online into the wee hours of the morning. But it was well worth it. We then moved to the phone and I heard his handsome voice. "Whew" what a voice! I knew that I wanted to meet him in person, real soon. He is from VA and I am from PA. We are making plans to meet for the first time. I just know that he is the man for me.
To be continued...
"Lorie" April 2003

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