To be married this June

Aloha Queen

ASIAM44 and I met through (formerly Black Singles Connection) on September 29, 2003. He's from South Carolina and I am from Hawaii. We joined after having exhausted meeting people through other ways. With many emails and many, many, many more phone calls we fell in love. We were confirmed about our love for each other when we met for the first time in November. More emails but during these times, a lot of very beautiful and poignant online greeting cards with words of such endearment! More phone calls, several times during the weekdays and just about throughout each entire weekend - but during these times to discuss our common, varying and opposing views about just everything imaginable! These discussions were quite vehement at times!!! This long distance relationship has been one of the greatest most difficult challenges for the both of us!! But, time well spent. We are to be married this June!

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