A small price to pay for a lifetime of foreverness

dmoe1 & rellimnna

I joined BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection) a bit over a month ago and the first night that I was on I saw the woman who was to be my wife. I invited her to come see me on Labor Day weekend. When I saw her I thought I was dreaming. I never thought that I could love someone like I love her. Her user name was "rellimnna". The money I spent on BlackSingles.com was a small price to pay for a lifetime of foreverness. My parents love her and her parents adore me. We travel every weekend to see each other and as long as American Express doesn't mind, we don't. Thank you for making it at all possible. It just shows that when one door closes God opens another. She is absolutely stunning and she thinks the world of me. What else can a man ask for. We are so close, that we ourselves are overwhelmed at times. We do everything together including pray. For me there is no other, once again thank you.

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