God Bless BlackSingles.com

Grayfoxx & Babybrwn

I have visited several different singles sites and been through numerous profiles in the past. It wasn't until recently when I decided to get on BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection) that I found the right person. My username is "Grayfoxx" and my beautiful match is "Babybrwn".

I first saw her picture and decided to send two smiles to her and within moments I was receiving an IM from her. I was excited that she responded so quickly to my smiles so I quickly responded back.

We shared just a few sentences before she asked to call because her kids needed the computer and from that moment we shared hours among hours of time on the phone.

We have been inseparatable since and we have both come to the conclusion that we would rather spend our lives together than continue with this madness of wasted time with people that are not the right one; because from the beginning we felt like we were meant for each other.

So we have decided to tie the knot in the Summer of 2006. All are invited to this special occasion if we don't elope before then. Happy Singles Connections to All.

Thank you and God Bless BlackSingles.com

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