I ignored him because he didn't have a photo

diamonds05 & teaslambrickman


Good morning to you! I am taking the time to write you to let you know that I have found the most wonderful man on this website. This man emailed me and kept emailing me the first day that I put my profile up, and I got so tired of answering all the emails that I just didn't have the energy to answer any of the ones that didn't have photos, so I kept ignoring them. That was 7 months ago, and he is still emailing me, so a couple months ago, I noticed that he was still emailing me and just out of sheer curiosity I decided to say hello, and to my surprise he; I believe was sent to me as a blessing through this website. I have been praying and asking God to send me a wonderful man of my own, and he did, I just didn't recognize my blessing, and he was right under my nose. I ignored him because he didn't have a photo. So, in our case it was good that he did not have a photo posted, because we got to know each other first. "teaslambrickman" is such a wonderful blessing to me and I do believe that I love him. Thank you. I wish everyone on this site the very best of luck and may God bless each and everyone looking for their soulmate. God bless you all, Tasha, This website and everyone on it. THANK YOU!!!!

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