It's a match

hardworker45 & kwanejay

Hello Tasha,

This is "hardworker45". I've written you recently keeping you informed on my date and time spent with "kwanejay". It's a match. We have so much in common. He's a real sweetheart, fun to be with, and we have the same goals. He knows how to pick my spirits up when things aren't going as planned. I'm not a patient person, but he has shown me how to wait and let things happen naturally. He was right. I've learned to be patient. If it was meant for me to have, it will find its way to me just like he did. I'm glad I waited and let him come to me instead of me going to him. Believe me - he was worth the wait. We hit it off at the right moment. So, as of the first of the year we both deceided to relocate and start our lives together in a new state and city, we chose Miami, FL. So, with this, I'm saying thank you and your staff for making this possible. I have met the love of my life and I assure you that we will be very happy and will send pics. Thanks again and may god bless you always. I know he did for me.

UPDATE: July 5, 2006
Things are still going great for me and my match Kenneth. We're having so much fun together. Pictures are on the way soon. We want to keep you and your staff updated on everything. It's been almost two years since things have gotten serious. I'm telling everyone about your services. THANK YOU! I can shout that from the mountain tops.

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