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tonyron & Kay656tonyron & Kay656

Hello Tasha,

I would like to thank you for the free one week membership you gave me back during the spring. During that time, I made a connection with "Kay656" and we have been seeing each other since late May. I have found a sweet young lady who I believe is ideal for me and she feels the same about me. Thanks again for your hospitality and I hope to never have to use your services again, ever in life!

**UPDATED Feb 19, 2007**
A lot has happened since my last correspondence to you. As you already know, I met Kay656 online at a time when I was about to give up hope of finding anyone suitable for me. You offered me a free week of unlimited access and I was getting a lot of smiles and things from Kay656 so I decided to use my unlimited access to chat with her by instant messenger. Soon afterwards, I was traveling to SC from NC to meet her and things starting happening right away between us.

I was traveling every weekend to see her and my youngest son, who lives with his mother, started accompanying me on my weekly visits. We were behaving like one big family and soon, we realized that one of us needed to relocate and I decided to move basically because I was not rooted in NC and I felt I could make the move and settle in nicely in SC. I located another job quickly and we started making plans for our wedding.

We had a lovely wedding with all of our children participating in the ceremony. Our friends have asked how we met and when we tell them we met on, they find it hard to believe. But we are living proof that with the grace of God and a little patience, you can find your soul mate! Soon, we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary on April 29th. Thank you again for allowing us to meet online on your website. I am enclosing a picture of us from the wedding.


Anthony and Kay

(Tonyron and Kay656)

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