The most fun I ever had


Well, a little over a year and many friends later, I finally found my man. Thank you (formerly Black Singles Connection) for providing such an awesome avenue to meet and greet people that you would never imagine under conventional circumstances. I would highly recommend it.

But back to my man, He is everything I had hoped and prayed for all my life. He sent smiles, mingles and cards for nearly 6 months before I even responded, partly due to his age. Just when I was getting ready to throw in the towel he IM’d and we chatted for two days and decided to meet. We met at a local restaurant and we have never parted since. Although our compatibility score was 78% we are now batting .500. As he tells everyone, I am his twin. I have never met anyone, male or female, that truly has everything in common with me. It is almost scary but it is just like that roller coaster, you are always afraid but you wait in the long line to ride again. MARC7100 and RUTHNSPYER are in store for the ride of their lives, but we are going to hold on through the bumpy and rocky road because smooth sailing is soon come....Thanks again BSC! ruthnspyer

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