We are now engaged

Dredee2 & ChefCreole

Thanks to BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection), I met the man of my prayers. "ChefCreole" and I are engaged, our wedding date is April 08, 2006.

"ChefCreole" and I met here online in Jan 05. He took me to L.A. last week to meet his family. I've spent time with his beautiful daughter. He came to New Orleans with me to meet my mother and family as well. Remember, this is a big deal, people who will not share their family and friends with you should be red flags.

Once we decided that we wanted to be exclusive, background checks, credit reports, and W-2's were shared. We also had physical exams done together, testing for STD's, etc. Use wisdom my people, the world has become a very different place. On October 11, 2005 we start 8 weeks of pre-marital classes at our church. We now belong to the same church.

For those of you who truly are serious about finding that special someone or lifemate, we would like to leave you with a little advice:

1. Honesty and Communication: Always keep it real, the truth will always come out. If you are not telling the truth in your profile, you are only hurting yourself.
2. Respect for one another: Your actions and try to keep them positive.
3. Pray with and for one another: This is a big deal.
4. Always try to look your best: Take a bath and wear clean clothes.

Our prayer is that for those of you who desire that man or woman of your dreams, that you find one another. We are very much aware of how blessed we are to have found one another. A big part of this is, we are the people we said we were and more in our profiles. There have been so many wonderful, wonderful surprises in our relationship.

We understand that we are not perfect people, just perfect for one another!!

God has been so wonderful in our lives. We are so blessed to have found one another. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

"Dredee2" & "ChefCreole"

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