We know it is a blessing from the Lord

blessedone07 & Joyousongblessedone07 & Joyousong

Hello Tasha,

Yes, we are both delighted to be in each others life. We know it is a blessing from the Lord. Because I have prayed for such a person as this. At first, for as I can remember, she did not have her photo posted in August 2005. I clicked
onto her profile and I had asked her why shouldn't she be mine? It is not clear to me as to what her reply was at that time. However,shortly afterward
her photo was there when I came back to visit her profile. We begin to exchange e-cards and smiles. And, the attraction continued from day to
day. Later, we discussed meeting each other after talking on BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection) for about 4 to 6 weeks, and several telephone calls.

I had been a lifetime subscriber since 11-27-04. We are planning our wedding for November 19th, 2005. We pray that many other Black Singles.com members will find that missing link,or rib for the men.

blessedone07 & Joyousong

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