We're engaged and planning to marry July 2006

cyipra & tenecking

I would like to add my own success story after reading so many on here. I met my fiance, "tenecking", on this site May 19, 2005. He wanted a change from the women he normally dated and I was on here because a co-worker made me sign up. One day while I was viewing my home page, I saw that "tenecking" had saved me to his favorites and I wanted to find out who he was so I looked at his profile and IM'd him. We have been talking daily since that warm day in May. We soon realized that God had brought two people from two states, 615 miles, and 9.5 hours a part to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

He is from Tennessee and I am from Kansas. Although we have to travel many miles to see each other, God has allowed for us to have similar backgrounds and similar goals for our future. He shares God's love and encourage those around him to make the right choices in life. Through music he hopes to change peoples lives. I also have the same hopes, except I focus on the whole person through counseling. We have different ways of sharing the gospel to others but God has allowed for us to be unique and yet the same.

On October 28th, "Tenecking" asked for my hand in marriage and I gladly accepted. I am so happy that the Lord has brought us together. My suggestion is don't "box" God in and allow him to minister to your life. Read John 5 about the story of the man who waited 38 years for something to happen. I encourage you to make changes in your life today. Take one step at a time to get closer to God and his purpose for your life and will honor you by allowing you to "Get up, take up your bed, and Walk."

Be Blessed,


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