What a Thrill Ride This Has Been...

Cliff175 & Darknlovely4u63

Four months ago I met the most wonderful woman.
It all started with a few lines of poetry, her words were like magic lifting me to a higher plain. I knew I had to meet her.

Online we talked and shared our hopes and dreams, and I knew I had to meet her. So on a cold February day she came to Philly to meet me, and all of a sudden it was a warm spring day.
We walked around town holding hands surrounded by hundreds of people and all I could see was her.
We shared a kiss and my life was changed. The smile on my face, the pep in my step, the song in my heart, I am in love, and we are in love.

Thank you BlackSingles.com (formerly Black Singles Connection) for bringing me this feeling, for it is the greatest feeling I ever felt.

This woman (Darknlovely4u63) is the the greatest gift I could ever have and I will love her with all my worth and all my heart for as long as she will have me, and I will make her happy.

Thank you Tasha, may you always be blissed.


**Updated 2/06/2008**

!!!!WOW!!!! Three Years ago I met the most wonderful man,Cliff175.
It all started with chating and a few lines of poetry online that we shared together.
Then one cold day I found myself in Philadelphia in his beautiful warm arms.
Kisses and hugging each throwing the night to sun set. Our hearts were filled with joy.
You are my star that shines in my heart that shares with you.
It's been almost three years and it seem like years I've been loving you.
Happy Anniversary honey, Cliff175, and thank you for being so true to me..Darknlovely4u63.

Love, Darknlovely4u63

Thank-you BlackSingles!

Cliff175 & Darknlovely4u63

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