Brightest future

choclatevirtue & Fitz1503

We had sent each other smiles and cards back and forth for well over a month, but were always unsuccessful in our attempt to contact each other via email or phone. Finally, it happened & it's been nothing but total enjoyment ever since. We've laughed, cried, confessed, and encouraged one another & are looking so forward to the "brightest future" ever together!!! The strangest part of it all is that I had attempted to remove my profile several times, but my pc would always shut-down on me in the middle of it. He's (fitz1503) the answer to a prayer that I wrote down (back in March of this year) and I am eternally grateful; (especially since another gentleman ~~~ "a man of the cloth" turned out to be less than "integral" and I was quite the bit wounded as a result. None-the-less, thanks Tasha, BSC'S Staff Members, & may God cause every connection to be His own for each member from this day forward.

Be Blessed,
Choclatevirtue & Fitz1503

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