God has transformed me into a new person.

sexxygirl10 & dl214

On September the 12, 2006 I was going through my e-mails I had exactly 999
of them, so I started deleting them and as I was deleting, I said to my self I
never see anyone from Shreveport on this singles line, as I spoke those very
words I opened up an e-mail from black singles and to my surprise a young
man that I had loved 20 years ago (dl214) was my ideal match. I could not
believe what I was seeing. I asked myself lord have you been trying to tell me
something all these years and I wasn't listening. I lost my father 4 years
ago and I gave up on living. I was angry at God because he took the most
precious thing in my life away, my life fell apart, every time I would say to God
I can't take no more, more tragedy would happen. My mothers house blew up,
my sister was badlly injured, someone that was near and dear to me committed
suicide while I was on the phone with them, and my marriage failed. I was so
bitter I would not let anyone in to love me. I pushed everyone away, but for
some reason Mr dl214 would some how manage to find me at my weakest times in my life, it's almost as if he knew when I need a kind word. dl214 lives in Germany, I( sexxygirl10 ) live in our home town of Shreveport. I never would
have thought that when I spoke with God on all those lonely nights, that he would have so many blessings for me once I decided that I couldn't do this thing called life on my own, so I gave it all over to him. God has transformed
me into a new person and I am so thankful that through everything that I indured I never lost faith, and he has blessed me with a man that I fell in love with 20 years ago and I will be forever greatful to the heavens above this
was a love planted and now it has blossomed. What are the odds of getting an e-mail from millions of miles away, that's from your ideal mate? And, you once loved them? This happens once in a lifetime. My heart is so full of joy
and I want everyone to know that if they just hold on and believe that God will supply all of their needs, their lives will never be the same. I dare you to try him. Every since that lonely night Set12 There has not been a day
that I haven't e-mailed dl214 and let him know how thankful I am to have him
in my life . We both believe that God was preparing us for one another, this
blessing I will treat with love kindness and respect. I will let you know when the wedding is. God worked a miracle through your website Thanks

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