He is the ideal man for me!


I am writing you to say that I initially signed up for 30 days only. I sent you an e-mail stating to cancel my 30 -day membership. Some of my co-workers stated that I should at least try and see what could happen on line. I gave it a shot and I received a profile from Mike. We had alot of things in common and most of all wanted some of the same things in a mate. He is the ideal man for me, on my inner gut feeling which are undescribable at this time. I too had hopes, but no more dreams about meeting that special someone. I will be all I can be with this special man with qualities that are a match to fit my warm and sensitive personality. He won't regret it, I can assure you from my personal feelings and pass experiences. He has hit the lottery and didn't even turn in a ticket to play. I know when I see gold, by the way it shines. I started talking to him and could not wait to hear from him again, just to hear his voice. I have waited so long to have at least a decent conversation with someone that I can't get enough of talking to him.

We met up at a public function and when I looked into his eyes, I saw stars, lights, camera, action. I could not stop looking or dazing into his eyes as he spoke to me. I still feel the beats in my heart from all the fluttering that had me in such a float. My eyes now glow when I turn out the lights in my house. My mind still wanders, to see if I am dreaming. It feels like warm cocoa butter is running down my back, from the sensation I get when he talks to me on the phone. He smiles like a millionaire, just waiting to deposit money in the bank. I just want to say thank you , thank you, thank you. And good things can come to those who wait. You may, with my permission, share my true story with others. I would be honored for people to know.

Peace, Happiness, and may there be many more successful stories!

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