He treats me like a queen

msladybrownstone & HEAVYDLOVE

On July 28th I Msladybrownstone started to receive emails from Heavydlove. We met on Aug 6th and he took me to meet his mother. We enjoyed each others company and now we are talking about sharing a life together. Things have happened so fast, I miss him when he is out of my sight. We spend every moment that we can together. He is wonderful, He caters to my every need and he is a God fearing man with lots of good qualities. He makes me laugh, he cooks for me, he treats me like a queen. He is very loving and affectionate. I know this was a blessing from God almighty and I have to thank you Lord for that. Good luck everyone with finding your soul mate, because I have found mine. Msladybrownstone and HEAVYDLOVE.

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