I found someone I truly believe is the person I am destined

rhain2006 & Trishann

It’s funny how things turn out, 3 months ago when I joined this site I read a number of the success stories, my reaction was the perfunctory “that’s nice” not truly giving any thought that I would have a success story to share. After being on the site for about 2 months, Jul 4th to be exact, I found someone I truly believe is the person I am destined to spend the rest of my life. Though Trishann and I live on opposite coasts, I on the east and she on the west, there isn’t a day that has gone by since our first email where we’re not talking or texting each other, thank you Verizon in-calling.

Though I was not jaded by divorce, however, it did leave me feeling extremely apprehensive, esp. about getting involved in another long term relationship. Meeting Trishann has allowed me to open up to the various possibilities that exist in my life as well as hers. The very possibility to again love someone deeply and create a lasting and meaningful life with her.

The wonderful thing I have learned about internet meeting is that it is hard to “fake the funk.” You put exactly what you want from a prospective partner while you speak of your true and honest qualities to attract that potential partner. When Trishann first emailed me, she was brutally honest even about her physical description about herself, I quote, “By the way I'm full figured …If [that] is a problem for you to have conversation [with me], then I'm not the one to talk to.” Well Black Singles, I have you to thank for serving as the medium that has brought Trishann and I together. We will have our first date during the Labor Day weekend and I know the rest, as they say, will be history.

Thank you.
Rhain2006 & Trishann

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