I found the woman that I would Love to spend the rest of my


On August 13, 2006, an Angel crossed my path and asked me would I care to walk with her on her path of enlightenment. She had the most beautiful spirit that I had ever gotten to know. She had no picture on her profile but, that did not matter to me. We talked for hours everyday. We felt like teenagers again. After talking to her and getting to know her inner self I knew that she was the woman that God had made just for me. On Agust 18th, we finally were able to make our first date and meet. It was a nerve rattling experience for the both of us. We met at the Cheesecake Factory in the Galleria Mall in Houston, Tx.
I made to the restaurant first and when I got to the door my palms got to sweating and heart rate increased but, when she came through the door displaying the most beautiful smile that God could possibly Bless us all to see, I was captivated and all the negative energy just seemed to disappear. We had dinner and sat up all night talking and enjoying the time that we were sharing. We lived a lifetime through conversation that night and we are planning to live that lifetime together. So to all of you that are out there searching for the person that God has groomed for you to live your life with, just ask him and he will move mountains to bring your worlds closer so that you may meet. And people, try talking to the person with no pic on the profile and get to know the inner beauty of that person. You never know. I did and I found the woman that I would Love to spend the rest of my life with.
May the Graces of God fall upon you all in you Journey for Love and Enlightenment.


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