It has been like we have known each other all of our lives.


I was referred to this site a couple of months ago by a good female friend. She told me that I needed to get a life and start meeting some nice folks. You see, I generally work 15 hours or more a day. I help others but had not done anything for myself lately.

At first, I received quite a bit of emails without my picture. After being on the site for a few weeks I decided that it was a unique site and that the people whom I had chatted with seemed to be very nice, respectable, and hardworking people looking for the same things that I was searching for.

After I put my picture on site I started getting so many emails that my box could not contain them all. One day, I was forwarded a 100% match. I decided to communicate with this man by email. We emailed each other everyday for weeks. We then decided that it was safe to exchange numbers. What did we do that for!!! The chemistry was on and from that point on it has been like we have known each other all of our lives.

He is the most nicest and sweetest man that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His spirit is so kind and considerate. Cannot believe that he had not been taken for he certainly is a great catch. Sometimes in life I believe that we look for looks, material things, and forget about seeking a person with a sincere heart, a right mind, and a sweet spirit. By doing that, we lose our purpose for what we are asking looking for. So many soul mates have missed the mark because they never recognized what was right in front of them, substance, not fantasy.

Even though we live miles apart, we have decided that our friendship is worth pursuing and that we do have almost everything in common. I feel so blessed to know him!!

I look forward to more positive happenings between the two of us as we spend more time together. I do not intend to look any further for I think that I have met my soul mate.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Their is no way that this could have happened without God's blessings, and I would refer this site to anyone who truly wants to meet their soul mate. My advice to those who use this site is "do not judge a book by it's cover, get to know the inner person, you might just find what you have been missing. "



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