It was faith that brought us together

dreadlocs43 & islandman4u

my name is cynthea; online i am known as dreadlocs43. I've been with blacksingles about three months, but I will close my account Dec 8, 2006. I have looked at many profiles but this one profile caught my eyes. I just kept on looking at it over and over until one day I was online and this person was online so I clicked to IM him and it started there. We started chatting every day until I went in the hospital for surgery on Nov 6, 2006. When I got out he was there still waiting for me to come online. We started sending each other smiles, and cards, then we exchanged phone numbers and then I heard his sexy voice and fell in love from there. We both just couldn't believe that we where 100%match and had so much in common and these last two months have been wonderful. We both realized that it was faith that brought us together and We are in love now even though he is in Jamaica. I will be going there to see him in Feb 2007 and there we will make our plans for a life time together. Yea man this man that I am talking about is known as islandman4u. My king Rhoan. The good thing about it is when we get married I won't have to change my last name because it is the same. He is the love of my life right now and I thank you for this site as well as Jah. Even though he is in Jamaica and I am in North Carolina there is nothing to keep us apart. This man is my everything and he has put love back in my heart, and I say to him thank you for loving me the way I love you. Thanks Blacksingles from the both of us CYNTHEA & RHOAN

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