It was meant to be...

chocolatek1972 & terry_in_atl

It was meant to be...On Tuesday, April 11, 2006 (after only two weeks online) I received my new matches and viewed only the 100% match named terry_in_atl.

Though the profile had no picture, I was intrigued by his messages and even noted that our "perfect day" information was almost identical. I was however, discouraged to see that his Ideal mate would be between 37-52 and live only 100 miles away from him. So since I didn't meet those criteria I kept moving.

He saw that I had viewed him and sent me a smile "wanting to know more about me"! So I sent him an instant mingle message. He was shocked at my quick response and we chatted for a few minutes. We ended the conversation with a request for me to call him via phone the next evening. When we talked, it was as if we knew each other for years. Conversation and connection was there instantly. We had too many things in common. Both being through hurtful relationships, I was hesitant to rush anything. Until that Friday night! We shared a special moment, both at our homes over 600 miles from one another, with him reciting romantic poetry while I gazed out of my opened window feeling the gentle air blowing through. The chemistry was mindblowing, we were in heaven!

From there it was no denying that God had placed us together. Our beliefs, morals and values are so in sync it's scary. We talk at least two times a day. We finally met in person on May 6th 2006. I couldn't wait to put my arms around the man that had won my heart. We finalized our weekend date by visiting my church in Greenville, SC. That's when he said he "Knew" it was meant to be. We are "in love" and "love" one another like never before. It feels great! And to know this man will accept my daughter as his is my greatest satisfaction. We are now making plans to be together next year with plans of marriage in the future.

Thank you Tasha and

Chocolatek1972 and terry_in_atl are signing off-with no plans to return!

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