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I joined the last week of April 2006. I have met quite a few people on it. I have sent quite a lot of smiles and cards and received the same. I upgraded my account by paying for a month subscription in the first week of May. I can remember one person in particular was sending me smiles and I kept ignoring them cause the picture she posted wasn't that captivating. After about five or more smiles, I finally sent her a smile telling her thanks for the smiles.

I decided to reread her profile. I then found out that we wanted the same thing and we have been through similar experiences. I IM'd her and we then exchange phone numbers.

I called her and ever since we have been communicating. I can't stop thinking of her. She captivates my heart and I couldn't believe I was ignoring such a warm-hearted person. She turns out to be a beauty out of Louisiana. She came to New York where we got more acquainted and there I found out she is the woman I have been looking for all my life.

I have said I would wait on God to develop friendship into love. Well, I'm proud to announce that it has happened and we will be married in December of this year.

I thank God for her. I would more than recommend this site to any one and I must say this site is number one. I wish every one on this site all the best that life has to offer.

**UPDATED Dec 28th, 2006**

I now live in Louisiana with my queen. I am so happy, I could never be more happy, we changed our wedding date to February cause I want my dad to attend from Jamaica.

**UPDATED March 13th, 2007**

We are now The Happy couple, We got married on February 17,2007 and honeymooned in Las-Vegas. It was one of the best times of our life. I ask God to be with us.

LOVE24_7 & SWEET2001

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