First I just want to say thanku to Tasha.
I got on BS sometime in April, and I must say that I have met some good and some bad, but mostly good.
I was just about to end my membership for the month of September and my God, I have truly been blessed by finding the greatest love of my life. I have 3 beautiful sons and they r all grown teens, so u can imagine the oppertunity of raising another son at the tender age of 6yrs old have surprised me. But I would love nothing more than to be Matthews Mother, u see he has never had that in his life. I am know as Houspice and he is known as RoBoCop40., not to mention he was only here for a couple of weeks and we found one another.
Owen has showed me so much love and he and his
son Matthew will be a welcomed addition. We have decided there is no reason to wait when the love is as great as this one. Owen and Matthew will be flying in this weekend Sept 23rd and he has said at that time he will properly ask my hand in marriage. We originally said December would be the month for us to marry, but both of us have since said why wait. The wedding could be as early as next week. We will fly to an island with Matthew and the 3 of us will stand together on a sandy white beach and exchange vows to one another.
We will also present little Matthew with a ring to indicate that I am marrying his dad and him as my son.
Please wish us well and keep us in ur prayers.

Tasha thank u for all that u do and I will tell everyone looking for a soulmate to look here. I really love the way the site is policed and u keep it real. It's not a dirty site like the others.

Owen, Matthew and myself will send u pic of our wedding.

love houspice and robocop40 forever

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