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Musiqman & Gali1212

Well all I can say is "Thanks so Much Black Singles!". My user name is "MusiqMan" and I got on this site back in March and really got on to do interviews for a book that I'm writing on relationships. I met some really cool people and went on a few date's but nothing prepared me for what happened to me about two months ago. I was really tired of just going on dates and I asked "God" to send me an "Angel" and he really did! I live in Phoenix, Az and she lives in Mexico but she's moving to Nevada to finish her marketing degree and from there, we will be together in Phoenix. I just turned 35 and she came to visit me in Phoenix for my birthday and met all my family and friends and everyone loved her!! By the way she's "Gali1212" and we get along so very well and it's 10% physical and 90% mental. It's like finding that missing piece to a puzzle that you've been trying to find your whole life, my life partner, she's my best friend, my love and everything I could have wanted and ever needed, "God" sent to me!! So thanks so much and please keep the faith and stay focused on love and living a very great life. Ciao and good luck to everyone and "GOD BLESS"!! Oh! By the way my real name is "Bobby-Khalid" and her name is "Janette", Mi Amore!!!!!

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