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I would first like to give thanks to God for this man that he has blessed me with. Secondly, I would like to thank for this site. Meeting him on here was something I never thought would happen. He is truly heaven sent, compassionate, loving, honest, God-fearing, loyal to his children, a very strong and determined man. Although we are over 1000 miles away, we are always so close to one another.

Our story started off with me being ready to take my profile off the site. On June 29th while sitting her at work I decided to go on and check to see who has been looking/ I have been on the site for about a year and a half and have met some very great guys and some characters (using the word character lightly). I was never one to really interact with a guy that didn't have a picture on his profile but when this man initiated a conversation, I was reluctant. I read his profile and instantly I felt something. I could not explain it at the time, but was curious, so I accepted his invite. We chatted for a very long time and it felt as though he and I had known each other for years and was just catching up on old times. That weekend I was going on vacation for two weeks to my hometown in Mississippi and he and I talked the night before I left for 6 hours and the entire ride down...talking and texting, talking and texting. Once I got there, I of course got some rest, and the next day he and I talked some more. We talked about everything from A to Z. This lovely creator -out of the blue- says to me, "where are you exactly"? I politely told him and he said again "okay, I am on my way!" and hung the phone up. I called back to make sure I was hearing him correctly.....I thought he was joking with me because he was 19 hours away from where I was at the time. Although he and I talked while he was driving (YES HE DROVE) It took my father to wake me at 7am the next morning to let me know that this man off God was on the phone trying to find the right exit because he was only 20 minutes away. I had no time to really get "dolled" up for him ...I threw on some yoga pants and a t-shirt. I moved quickly so that I could meet him at the truck stop that sat across from my land that was about a mile and a half down the road. I sat there in anticipation with every thought possible running through my mind. When I saw him pull up my heart was racing and filled with joy. He had finally arrived and showed me that day he was a man of his word. The moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was the man God had sent to me. In all my life I have never met a man that makes me blush at all times with the things he says, the things he does...he is the most thoughtful and beautiful man I have ever met. I know I have truly found my soulmate, he says he has found his missing rib..his oxygen. I never thought in a million years thatI would find a man with such warmth, love, kindness, passion that I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real. I can remember after my divorce I sat and wrote a long letter to God describing to the Lord what type of man I wanted in my life and my daughters life and put it in my bible not thinking to look at it until now. I can remember my mother telling me to make sure that I am ready because it is one thing to ask for it and another thing to be ready fully to give your who heart completely to that man. He doesn't complete me, he enhances me.

I told my pastor one evening during a singles group that my thought on what God was doing in my life to get me ready for my future husband was that he has had me in a "slow cooker" marinated and seasoned getting me just right for my king and had him also in his own slow cooker getting him together and tender for his queen. That was the best way for me to describe how I felt because although I was single and have been for the past 4 years, I was totally content with my life and very happy with just praying for God to send that special man to once again enhance what was already there. This is not the entire story but one thing I want to add is...for anyone looking for love, please don't ever give up on it. Always make Jesus Christ your first true love and ask him for guidance, direction and for him to send you the man or woman of your dreams. I am truly thankful that God has answered my prayers by sending me (as my sweetheart would say to me) my oxygen............I CAN FINALLY EXHALE!

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