Thankful at Thanksgiving

SincereSandy & thesingleman

Thankful at Thanksgiving........On 11/11/05 I was viewing his profile "thesingleman", I (SincereSandy) decided just to browse the site and not to connect that day. But after several minutes he sent me an invitation to chat. At first I was hesitant, but I decided what do I have to lose except a little time. We chatted for about an hour about ourselves, our experiences online and what we were seeking in a mate. We exchanged phone numbers and after that it was a wrap. We talked on the phone for hours everyday. We both agreed the chemistry was there for us. I knew that God would provide the man that is right for me, someone who has a sense of humor and enjoys laughing as much as I do. By the end of the week he ask me to have Thanksgiving Dinner with him and I accepted, because we did not live very far from each other. We met on Thanksgiving Day and had a very nice time together. Now we have decided to build on the friendship we have started and see where it takes us. SincereSandy and thesingleman are a pair. Thanks Black Singles for helping us make the connection.

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