We are two of the happiest people on this earth

keyshone & Sexy-slim-fl

Hello my name is keyshone and on june25th 2006 I met a women by the name of Sexy-slim-fl. I began sending her smiles with no response so I thought maybe I was not her type. So after a couple of days a reply came and I read it. It stated that she was flattered that I would send her a smile. We began to share conversation on the instant mingle messenger day after day, just casual conversation nothing personal at first, then when we got comfortable with each others conversation. That's when it got personal the share of life. Thoughts and goals really struck our attention to each other. Seeing that we had the same things in common, made it seem like we had know each other for years and even made it seem like we were talking to ourselves because it seemed like we were just a like. But our birthdays being on the same day really made us think that we wanted a person that was just like ourselves. So we took in all the information that we could from each other and made a judgement of who was going to come where so we could meet but everything was not going in our favor because we had real bad schedules. But we really wanted to see each other so we made the plan for me to drive down and see her but that back fired. Then we made the plan to for us to meet in Chicago for the Labor Day holiday. It sounded good at first but I started going through some things at the job that I was at and I ended up just saying forget everything. But she would not let me she told me don't worry. If I ever need her she will be there all I had to do was reach out to her and take her hand. And that's just what I did with out thinking twice. We now live together and are as happy as ever we plan on getting married in the near future and prepare to have a family. Thanks to this site we are two of the happiest people on this earth. I myself couldn't ask for a better person to share the rest of my life with. We are two of a kind. I want to thank the makers of this site and I want to let everyone know that there is love here. It just depends on what you are looking for. If you go into it with your heart and soul you will find the right person for you all you have to do is pray and keep your mind on a positive note and everything will go your way.

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