Without this site, I could not have met my soulmate!

Dobbie & Ardna

First of all I want to thank you for your service. It has been a pleasurable experience. I did meet someone who has become very special to me. We both posted our profiles around the same time. I posted my profile on June 9th and he posted his a few days before. Andra sent me his profile on June 14th and we spoke for the first time on June 23rd. We have since spoken just about everyday since, sometimes two and three times a day. He lives in California and I live in Virginia, so we live on opposite sides of the planet. He plans to come to visit me in August and I plan to visit him in September. If all goes well, I plan to move to California the end of December, so we can spend some time together and get to know one another. We are very compatible and very much want the same things out of life. I think there is a possibility we could marry in the future. We have both decided to remove our profiles from the site and concentrate on getting to know each other.

Thanks again for this service. Without it, I do not believe I would have ever met Andra, whom I believe could be my soul mate.

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