You are my angel of peace.

Isaiah_daniels & sweet thang 1207

When I first came to this website, I was scared and I was unsure. It was not that I was really looking for a friend, but then agian I was, I was very stressed out, so this was more like what I did for down time. But then I started talking to sweet thang 1207 and you know I really like talking to her and then we exchanged numbers and we started talking. We are Kinda of dating now, but we plegde to always be honest to each other and that is the bottom line.

You just have to be yourself. Distance does play a role but you can get over that.

So I want to say this to all of you that are thinking about hooking up but are not sure, go with your heart and pray to God and after that talk to each other, and I want to say this:

Deondra thank for coming into my life at this time, you are my angel of peace.

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