454 miles apart ... 7 hours away

mzunique_red & Blazinbl8k

Here is yet another success story to share with the Black Singles subscribers.

I have been fortunate to meet my soulmate. 454 miles apart ... 7 hours away -- He is from Virginia by way of Philly, I am from Georgia by way of Kansas. I signed up as a full member for 30 days just to see what kind of responses I would get. I received several but the one that caught my eye was Blazinbl8k. Strange how things seem to work out. My membership was near its end and out of the blue ... Superman to the rescue. He is all that I have longed for in a partner. He is kind, considerate, silly in a lovable kind of way, humble, family oriented, sensitive, understanding, honest ... etc. Let's just say he is all that. We talked for hours on end for a couple of weeks, then I invited Blake and his family down for the weekend ... That was it. I knew I had connected with my soulmate. Our interaction with one another was like we had known each other for years. His daughters and my children instantly took to one another. His girls took to me, my children welcomed him. We
did more in that weekend than most do in a week. He is one of a kind and all Mine! This is the person I plan on spending an eternity with.

We'll make sure to send you an update on our future wedding and photos.....

Thank you

Mzunique_red & Blazinbl8k

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