A lasting impression in my life.

Receive1blessing & p7rickrock

Almost 2 months ago now I was surfing this site. I found my "Bestfriend" I wasn't exactly looking for him, but he just showed up! And boy am I glad he did!!! There has not been a day that has passed within a 24hour period where we haven't Talked, Texted, or Emailed. He is all and so much more than what I ever expected! More than that he has shown me true friendship through his honesty and consistancy. He has truely made a lasting impression in my life. He once told me that I am "Crazy" enough for him to feel me, I am "Genuine" enough for him to cry with me, I am "Sweet" enough for him to taste me, But most importantly my Spirit is just "Beautiful" enough for him to "Connect" with me and "Trust "me. (I feel all the above triple time because he is just "Perfect" enough for me!

I don't know where this Beautiful Friendship is headed but I'm happy to just be along for the ride.


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