Amazing story

kmp123 & msbenz2

Amazing Story. Hi I'm last known as Kmp123 I searched thousands of profiles over the past month and I saw a profile that I thought, oh she wouldn't talk to me, viewed it then kept on going. After two page clicks this person pops up in front of my screen going by the name msbenz2. She asked to talk and I said I would get back to others, but it was something that I felt to do right then and there! We just started talking I was not a member and she was, she not knowing? We started talking and we didn't stop for almost a hour. I gave my number and we were both so excited. She asked me two times for my number as if she was trying to remember it breifly. She called and we talked for another hour like we just knew each other, (read close members follow me and see the true power of fate). Then after I went on blacksingles we were not on at the same time! Remind you I was not a member! She would leave me cards and I would leave her smiles trying to match the headline of her cards to convey. Just recently she sent me a card I will never forget! It was green and it read, something to the effect of not waiting to take opportunitys but going after them in life, by peter ?? something! It did not set right in my heart so I kept reading it over as I was reading it, she was canceling her membership, not knowing that she had notes behind the cards. Long story short, something did'nt feel right and it was as blacksingles helped me find out later on after I pleaded with customerservice to help me find msbenz2. Msbenz2 was so overwemed by the two contacts that we had as I was overwelmed too! She thought I was a member because I had talked through her im' that she sent me and that I knew how to put together a smile to match her smiles when the cards came she thought I was afraid of her and the cards that kept coming I didn't check them. I didn't get my check to subcribe to blacksingles yet! Anyway she was giving up on dating after I subcribed after two days of thinking about msbenz2 constantly. I discovered in her cards she was telling me that she was so excited about me and was already feeling the same way about her, she left a number and I called it and it was in no futher use? huh I started freaking out! In my mind a hundered ways to find her not knowing she was somewhere planing the samething all the way to my city and I was planning to do the same the next day. But in one of her cards she said please don't keep me waiting baby you've made me so happy. I hadn't had happniness in along time either! I felt the same way like we knew each other before this life? So I wrote a letter to blcksingles and customerservice insisting that they help me find msbenz2 in my all knowing spirit being, she was somewhere yearning for me as I was for her and we needed each other. I waived my rights and any liablity, my personal info so that they would be able to give it to msbenz2 and the rest is history. msbenz2 and kmp123 are planing to travel out the country on a trip
before first snow! Oh here's the funny part. Her company was three blocks from my home! In my city (LoL real hard! ) God bless you and best wishes to everyone searching.

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