Dynasty fulfilled

rlblkwmn & Dwpl

OOh, where do I begin. Well Dwpl ( Dwight C.)from Raleigh, NC and I started our instant connection last year. From the first smile & cards then IM. it was love brewing in the atmosphere. We looked over the distance and took a chance at total fulfillment in each others souls. In October 2006, we met for the first time after months of emails and long hours on the phone. From the moment that he exits the plane it was "dynasty fulfilled". We couldn't keep our eyes off each other. Our emotional and spiritual connection become overwhelmed and in tune with our now physical connection.
To date, we are going strong, stronger and finally totally committed to each other as a complete unit. In June 2007, we comitted ourselves to each other and have made plans to relocate. Where is still up in the air but one thing is for certain WE ARE A UNIT. We are a movement and an force to be recken with. P.S. I'll keep you in informed on our progress

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