Escalated into such a wonderful friendship


I met a wonderful Godfearing man known as Rired. He was just looking for a friend, and I really got fed up of some of the responces I was receiving, because most of the men that would send their profile or im were just pushy with their approach, and did not come across friendly, but just wife hunting. Rired and I just sent emails to each other, then we exchanged phone numbers, and we spoke on the phone, and we just got on so well and things have just escalated into such a wonderful friendship, and we enjoy each others company so much. We are a few distances apart, but we will continue to pray about our relationship. I Love his personality and his character, he is a wonderful man. I was known as Glowee. I just want to thank God for his love and kindness, and for blacksingles. There is someone for us all if we all allow God to speak to us concerning the right man/woman, to come into our lifes. I am amazed at the way we both compliment each other in our conversation, and we listen to each other, and have such a wonderful time and plenty of laughter, on all subjects. Thanks again Black singles. Stay blessed. Peace!

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