For once someone went above and beyond

vonnipoo & RC4Harlem

Thank You Black met someone up here for the first time and it was a disaster!!It was like I wasn't being met half way..He wanted all these things from a woman but refused to do his part..I was so angry and I told myself I would not get back on here..Im glad I didn't listen to my first thought. I gave your site another try and sure nuff e-mails and cards were pouring in like rain. There was 1 that stood out though...RC4Harlem..We sent each other mail back and forth and then found out we were from the same area but our paths never crossed. I guess God does save the best for last. Anyhow, we went to Instant Mingle and talked...we exchanged numbers and text our poor hearts away!! LOL...The first day we text non-stop from 10am til 1pm the next morning...Then it was the same thing the next day...I was in DC visiting and he was in Detroit filming a video...He said he wanted to see me and I was like "Yeah Right" Well, honey who was in DC seeing me that same night?? Yes he was and it did something to my soul because for once someone went above and beyond to see what I was about!! Not the other way around. We had a good time and we really connected. He asked about us taking the profiles down first and now I'm actually doing it...This may be it because what he did to come and see me was something that I could and never would forget...and we were both impressed with each other...It was an instant connection. And to think that I was going to give up. I'm so glad that I didn't...He's a beautiful person inside and out and he doesn't leave me second guessing. He treats me like a woman should be treated and he knows how to seperate the past from the future. That's what I admire the most. Even though I live in NC and he in NY he is willing to relocate and has said that now he has to put more travel $$$ in his budget to come and spend time with me. Now how do you like that? He'll be here this weekend (NC). We are going to the fair here and I'm going to show him a good time...Let him relly see the good stuff that his is going to be getting himself into......Thanks so much Black Singles...and when the wedding is here..LOL...LOL..(hopefully) you'll be the first to get the pics>>Love Yall..Vonnipoo

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