God gave me abundantly more than I asked for.

JSTD & jasstenor

I thank God so much for Black Singles website. I met and married the most wonderful man in this world. God gave me abundantly more than I asked for. God is "so, so GOOD!!! My screen name is "JSTD" and my husband's screen name is "Jasstenor". We started communicating in April 2004 (that's when we both joined) when he sent me a smile giving me sweet comments about my pictures. When we mingled each other we never discussed anything about us getting together. We just spoke as friends and always asked if either of ushad found our soulmate. I was looking at other men and he was looking at other women. He always tole me I was no where on his list. So in December 2005 God decided that it was time to start turning things around and bring us together. He had all ofmy profile I said I had 1 child at home. He was thinking about a little child or teenager. See he didn't want to raise anymore children. So on Dec 28, 2005 he sent me his phone number and I called him. As we talked, I told him my daughter was 35 years old. He was flabbergased. Immediately he told me he was looking for a wife and didn't have time to play. I was shocked and didn't konw what to say. At that time I was talking to someone else who I thought was interested in me, but very soon found out that he was not for real. Jasstenor and I didn't speak again until February 20, 2006. We continued to talk every night and on March 25th, 2006 I made my commitment to him. In April he went to California to see another person he had been talking to (with my knowledge). He discovered that this person had been deceiving him all this time about alont of things. So now he was on his way to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Chicago on May 2, 2006 to see me. It was love at first sight. I was exactly what I said I was and he was exactly what he said he was. We had laid everything down on the line before he got here. On May 5-7 we went to the Bahamas for my nephew's wedding and on May 12, 2006 we were married. Yes, 10 days after we met in person we got married. I can surely say that our God put us together. We both love God, church, family and we are both musicians. We have so many things in common and we love each oher so very much. All of my family and friends see what a wonderful man he is and how much he loves me by the way he treats me. He moved from Chicago to FL. to be here with me. I couldn't as for anything more in a man. I want to thank all those other women he was interested in who lied to him and turned him down for someone else they thought was better and then tried to come back. They didn't know whatthey missed! I want to thank them for giving him to me. May 12, 2007 was our first anniversary and we are just as happy as the first day we met. So Tasha, may God continue to bless you and the Black Singles site more abundantly each and every day. We love you all!!!!!

Melvin and Jo Ann

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