He is everything I asked for


For a long time I have prayed for a specific type of man to come into my life. Well God had to line a few things up for that to happen. Just when I was thinking that...ok this is going to take a while and I said to myself I will just hang out and date here and there until he sends that special someone my way... then... I was contacted by the man of my dreams , not knowing it at the time. I thought it was going to be a nice long distant friendship... well we met and talked for hours and hours.... continued to talk daily, then spent time together, despite the distance, and I knew it was him... the man God had sent to find me. He is everything I asked for... really...Wow! I couldn't ask for a better man to fall in love with. So I say to all of you that are still waiting for that someone to come into your life... be specific and ask God for who you want. Then wait on God and he will move some things around so that you two can meet. Patience is a virtue...

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