He made me do a double-take.

snvalen & powekv

I'd been a free member of Blacksingles for several months. I enjoyed perusing through profiles and sending basic smiles back and forth to those of interest. That seemed to work until one day I saw the man of my dreams (powekv). I thought this brotha was so fine that he made me do a double-take.

So after several days of smiles back and forth, I decided to subscribe for one month in order to connect with him during IM. The fairytale begins from here. I know he is my soulmate and we are destined for a permanent future. Luckily we both have free PCS minutes through Sprint because we average about 4-5 hours per day on the phone. The friend and companion I gained was worth far more than the $24.99 I paid for the premium membership perks that I used for all of two hours. Thank you Blacksingles. Be on the lookout for his version of our fairytale.

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