He my King as I'm his Queen.

tiffysong & Xilla01

Hi, I'm Tiffany (user name) Tiffysong and Leon (user name) Xilla01. We have been contacting each other after finding one another on Black Singles and another site.
We set up a day to finally meet and it's been wonderful.
It didn't dawn on us that we first saw each other on Black Singles first, and now here we are.
We have grown to learn alot about each other, and now our relationship has blossomed into something beautiful.
We both have children and have chosen to take it one day at a time, and that's what works for us. We'll eventually combine our love for our children under one house hold. He my King as I'm his Queen.

I've always went out looking for love instead love found me. In the process of that transformation, my heart would be broken by lies or cheating, but Leon has been honest from day one. Thats what my heart needs
right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that Leon and I will have a Blessed relationship. :)

I would like thank the staff of Black Singles for making
this possible for us.

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