He was everything that my heart was yearning for

islandgirl53 & intelligentwarrior

...IslandGirl53 n' IntelligentWarrior's Success Story...

...a million thanks from us both to everyone there at Black Singles
Connection...on July 9th, a somewhat apprenhensive Ms. "IslandGirl53" became
a member and discovered Mr. "IntelligentWarrior" while browsing your photo gallery. At first I skipped his photo but kept finding myself going back to take a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th look. After opening his profile - praise G-d - I soon realized this man was everything my heart, mind, and soul had been yearning for. We instantly initiated a joyous and lively communication back
and forth via e-cards, mail, pvt. e-mail and phone calls. The realization that we had discovered someone special on your site was indeed a blessing for us both. Our dialogue now has been nurtured into a blessed decision to
spend the remainder of our lives together as "...authentic soulmates eternal..." Again, a million sincere expressions of gratitude to you for bringing us together. Our prayer is that many, many others will secure true
love by using your service. G-D bless!!!

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