I fell in love with his voice and all of the things he said


Thanks for bringing out this kind of dating site, I am soooo glad that I found my special someone in here. I can't thank god enough for letting him in my like. The first smile I received from him was on October 31st 2006. After that, he sent me more cards and smiles. I went to New York on November 9th 2006 and I wish I could leave him a note that I am coming to New York for vacation, but I couldn't because I wasn't a full member, so I went on my vacation and didn't think about him any more. After I came back, I saw that he was sendimg me some more cards and smiles, so I responded the way I could. I thought of how I could get in touch with him and I said to myself, "if god wants us to get in touch, then it would happen". So I went online on February 3rd, and he was sending me a IM. The first thing he said was "finally, I get the chance to talk to you". I said, "yes, finally", so we were talking a little bit about our lives and he asked me why I don't have a boyfriend. I responded, "BECAUSE I DIDN'T FIND THE RIGHT ONE YET". I told him that if he would like to, we can talk maybe sometimes and he said email me your phone # and I'm going to call you in 30 minutes. He also said that we couldn't talk that long because it's very expensive to call to Germany. Yes, I live in Germany and he lives in the states, so he called me and when I first heard his voice, I fell in love with his voice and all of the things he said to me. Nobody made me feel like this before.
Today is December 1st 2007. We are still in contact and we talk on the phone everyday, sending text messages and emails. I am sooooooo in love with this man and I know he feels the same way. We were making plans to see each other next year in February; I hope it's going to happen because my baby is very busy right now, but we will make it.
Thank you BlackSingles.com. God bless everyone on here. Trust in yourself. katie18

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