I was a 97% match for him.


As a long time blacksinglesconnection member, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would marry the man who was a zero match for me. I was a 97% match for him. Silly of me, I did not realize that I put on the distance section of the type of match for me 0-500 miles. We both were matches for each other. From day one, my husband and I hit it off. We would talk for hours, I mean a lot of hours online; 5.5 hours to be exact on many days. We talked online for approx. 2.25 years before I got up the courage to meet him across the Atlantic Ocean to Nigeria! I spent a week with him and his family. I advise every African American to visit the motherland to connect with your roots! It is an amazing experience! We both fell in love with each other all over again during my visit to Nigeria. He was all that he portrayed online, but even more! And more being a good thing! We got married this year, Sept. 2007. Thank you Blacksinglesconnection and Tasha for your support and help in assisting singles in finding their one true love! You certainly helped my husband and I, as we both were about to give up on love before registering to your site. To all the singles out there, never give up on finding that one person to love for the rest of your life! I gave up finding a man through dating in person, but online there are more chances to find the right person for me. Who says that the person you should marry is only in the country you are in? It is not true....just remember me and you will know the answer to that question. I say goodbye site, and thank you again for all of your help in finding my man!!!!

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