I was soooo impressed

doris69 & walterarnolddoris69 & walterarnold

I am doris69 would like to share my love story how I met my soulmate on this site. First of all I want to thank you for this site for helping people like me who are looking for the right soulmate. Well here is my story: I had joined the site some time ago. I had no luck so I said that I would not come back to this site. So some months ago, I went back just to read the success stories. I was soooo impressed about how so many found their soulmates. It impressed me so much that I decided to rejoin again. I am sooo happy that I did. I have not been on a full month when I started going through the profiles of all the men. There was not one that I was impressed with and I was about to get out of this site again, when all of the sudden here came a smile greeting card from walterarnold. But I did not read it. Days went by so I was going through my email. There behold it was more greeting cards from walterarnold. It was then I decided to read the greeting card. The card was hugs and kisses and on it he wrote his ph# and email. He said "I will not be sending any more cards so that is why I sent you my ph# and email. I want to talk to you." I began to fill that he is serious so I gave him a call. He was sooo happy that I called him. He said "I have been waiting for you. Of all of the women, I passed them up for you. I know that you are going be my soulmate and wife." Ever since we have been on the phone every day. I live in NC and he lives in AZ. We never met face to face but we did see each others pictures on our profiles. It is not the appearance that attracts, our converstion was enough. We are very much in love and I will be moving to AZ to live. We will be getting married in June of 2008. We will be sending you a wedding picture. Thank you again! God bless, and for all of you out there hold on God will bless with your soulmate too. doris69

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