She is everything I wanted in a mate and more

bennydunagin & ANatureOfaSister

I would like to personally thank you for allowing me to be apart of something that literally helped me find an angel. The girl of my dreams, username was A Nature Of a Sister, aka Regina Proctor. We met in July 2007 and are preparing for a wedding in August of 2008. She is everything I wanted in a mate and more. I was skeptical of dating again after my divorce from a marriage of 8yrs., something drew me to this site. I was sitting at home surfing and this site came up, so I thought I'd give it a try. There were so many, but this one profile kept drawing me. She sent me an email, but I did not have a membership so about two months passed and I decided to join. That same day I emailed Regina four times, saying in one of them, "if you are still a member please contact me ASAP"!!!!!!! Well the day after my emails she was about to give up and withdraw from this site after being on the site for a while, but then she saw my emails and thought she'd contact me. We talked on the phone from my office and later that night for hours. We clicked and about two weeks prior, I drove to Oklahoma to see her from Texas and it's been on every since. I knew from the start she was for me and the same with her so I popped the question in September and she said,"YES"!!!!! She moved to Texas and all is well. Thank you again for an angel especially designed and on hold for me!

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