She is right for me and I am right for her.


Well people it has been wonderful here on B/S. I found a young lady who is a beautiful person to me she is all that and more. We met on Black Singles some how we kept passing on each other profiles and one day she decided to IM me and that night we chatted for about three hours. Then the next night we chatted for about two hours and we have been chatting on a daily basis ever since. She came to see me and we had a great time laughing and talking. She is right for me and I am right for her. In short we are a match. I would like to say thanks to my new found friends in the chat room you know who u are and thanks to my baby for IMing me for without her doing that we may have never found each other. Also thanks to Black Singles for their program I had my concerns when I first started but my mind quickly changed as I chatted more with people and then I met that special Young Lady who is the lite of my life. Well once again thanks B/S it has been a blast......PEACE

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