Something just kept taking me back to his profile.

wbls & blkcountry

I started sending smiles and wasn't getting much of a response. A smile here and there. So I would wait a few more days and send another. I was chatting with others and had a few dates set up, but something just kept taking me back to his profile. I think I liked his screen name "blkcountry". For some reason that just stuck with me. Well finally he sends me an email. I couldn't reply fast enough. Then one night, I seen he was on-line and we started instant messaging each other. Well, he said he couldn't type fast and wanted to know if we could talk. I gave him my phone number and it was on from there. We laughed and we talked and when the weekend came, we spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. WOW.... He lives about an hour from me. Well, our first conversation of the day starts about 6 a.m. and then again about 9 and then lunch. Then again after work and then there is always that goodnight conversation. I know can you think two people couldn't have so much to talk about, but we do. Come to find out he grew up with my sister in law. My, what a small world. Anyway, things are going well and we are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together. Thanks Black Singles for your services. Oh, did I mention he joined for one day just to make the connection with me. After he got my phone number he went back in and removed his profile. Wish us Well!



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