The right man has found me.


Well, I have been blessed. The right man has found me. Sometimes we need to look in front of us and not beyond us.
This man had seen me in church four years ago and wanted to met me afterwards but i left. And just out of the blue he spotted me driving and he followed me and I never knew that he was behind me. If I did I would'nt have known who he was anyway because I never saw him before.
He pulled along the side of me and introduced himself and he told me about how long he has been looking for me and he just happened to be on his way to see his friend and just so happens the man(his friend) lives down the street from me. He has been passing right in front of my house for the last four years.
It wasn't time for us to meet each other until then. And now we are hitting it off very will and he has asked me to marry him. You know I said YES. He's a very good man.
I thank God for him, I have come a long way and just in time for my happiness. Thanks to Tasha for hanging in there with me.
Although she couldn't give me an advise she had my back when I got my notices and smiles.
Here's wishing everyone out there the best of luck.


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