True love TRULY has no boundaries!

ladyunik & England39ladyunik & England39

She says:

'Is there such a thing as a soul mate, if so, then prove it...' This is a challenge I posed in April 2007 on In May 2007, England39 decided to take me up on that challenge. Since then, not only has he surpassed all my expectations and completed the challenge but we are now intertwined into one - soul mates! Every day for 3 months, England39 has shown nothing but love, compassion, sincerity and loyalty. For 3 months we grew and connected with each other without having even met. Despite the unbearable distance between us, England39 became my friend, confidante, stronghold....and September my lover/fiance.
I dedicate this success story to my fiance England39. My experience on has been a success because of you. I love you!
Many thanks to for making it all possible. I can truly say that I have now met my SOLE soul mate.

Lady U-Nik (United Kingdom)

He says:

I believe in my heart, mind and soul that I have met the love of my life, my ideal match, my soul mate. I have been truly blessed by your site and God. The distance between us has allowed us to bond and now we are committed for life. To my "wife to be" you have exceeded all of my expectations and I love you! Thank you England39 (new york)

***Updated 6/25/08***
Its been just over a year now since we both agreed to a committed relationship with each other. Since then, there has been absolutely no regrets. We still live in different countries, but we have developed an unbreakable bond. We see each other regularly and have introduced family members who have been extremely supportive of our relationship. We have had time to build trust, love, and genuineness within our relationship; so much so that we are now planning our wedding to take place in December of 2008!!! True love TRULY has no boundaries!

***Updated 8/10/09***
It has been just over two years since we met on BlackSingles. Lots have happened since then, but the one thing that remained was our love and commitment to each other. The strong bond we built in the first months before meeting has made us the unbeatable couple that we are today. This is all thanks to BlackSingles for creating that medium by which England39 and I were able to communicate on every possible level without physical distractions getting in the way. Having said that, we have now grown as a couple, mentally, emotionally, AND physically :-) We are best friends and on July 28, 2009 we became husband and wife. Thanks again BlackSingles!!!!!!

England39 and LadyUnik

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