We are very happy

SHELLYE & Dragontwister

We are married as of July 23, 2007. His screen name was Dragontwister. We were friends at first and fell in love at first sight. He lives with me in California and he moved from Chicago by the grace of God. We are very happy and want to thank BSC for helping us come together. This site helped me find the man of my dreams. We were married in Ocho Rios and had a wonderful time. We found that we were soul mates and the only way we found that out was by the network and we would have never met one another without it. There are a lot of success stories on BSC and I did not think that I would have one. But we thank God everyday for each other.

***Updated 3/20/09***
I met the man of my dreams. Thanks to BSC I am happy with the man God wanted me to be with. He is from Chicago and I am from California. We started out as friends and later found out the we loved each other so much that he moved to California. He is now working as an Officer and moved into my home. Now my home is his home. We love God and are best of friends. I would have never met this man had I not been on-line.

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